The New Book: The Well: Two women, Two thousand years apart, connected by a Pandemic, Slavery, and a Son

Dear Friends:

At long last! The new book is here: The Well: Two Women, Two thousand years apart, connected by a Pandemic, Slavery, and a Son. It has been almost eight years (!) since my first book, The Messenger, was released. And I am days away from my eighty-fifth birthday. (Yikes!) Goes to show ‘ya – anything is possible.

From Covid19 (which, thank the Good Lord I have not gotten), to breast cancer (I’ve been clean for a year), to everything before, after, and in between its launch, the book took its own time. It also took a while for me to realize that I wasn’t in charge of it or anything else. I had to understand that in order to let it go where it was going. To let it become what it was going to become.

Once the full impact of the futility of controlling it sank in, I was astounded at the sheer enormity of things that were beyond my grasp. It was humbling. And a blessed relief. At some point, it dawned on me that all I could control was how my willful mind was perceiving things, planning things, expecting things. And I found out that my grasp of the concept of surrender wasn’t as good as I thought it was. It took time to surrender it in its entirety to the real Creator. And a wonderful editor. To be sure, I had plenty of help, including the artist (who happens to be my brother) who created the gorgeous cover.

During the writing of the book, Covid19 shut down life as I knew it, and the startling events that took place in those years, plus old memories, showed up in my story. I didn’t plan it that way; they came, and I let them unfold. Of course, my experiences didn’t impact the Egypt part of the story. My Spirit Guide Lukhamen continued to show me his life, and the events that were happening around it. As in the first book, our two stories emerged. And they converged as before and surprised me again.

How clear are things in hindsight! I can see now that the book had two purposes: one, and the most important, was to finish telling Lukhamen’s story. It was given to me to give comfort to those in grief, including me. And two, to teach me humility, reverence, and gratitude in the face of a Love I still cannot fully understand.

I’m going to stop here, because this is a subject that has many, many aspects, and I dare say I will come back to it again and again.

And so, dear Friends, on this day, my wish is to offer you this labor of love. I hope it will bring you a vision of life that is far greater and far more beautiful than our earth-bound minds can imagine. I will be talking to you again soon. I’ve missed my blog. And you. Until next time.

You can find The Well on Amazon.