Mornin, Al

1118full-al-jarreauAl Jarreau 1940-2017

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Our family lost a dear friend last week. Al Jarreau was the internationally known and universally loved singer who thrilled the world with his music and left a joyful imprint on our hearts. He was also my daughter Debbie’s mentor. Debbie traveled and sang with Al for ten years, and over that period of time, our family came to know and love him. He was generous and kind and was not afraid to share the spotlight with a young, vibrant singer – Debbie Davis.

Al passed into spirit last week. Debbie was in the hospital with him a few hours before. She was by his bed, and they sang together. Imagine that. Imagine a soul so lovely and so filled with the beauty of music that it was there for him as he let go of his earthly bonds.

When something like this happens, we get a glimpse of what our soul looks like. The soul sees beauty in every circumstance.  It hears the sound of God, and when it sings, it is the sound of God.

We all have the sound of God within us, whether we can hear it or not. The soul is so much greater, so much more beautiful and holy, than anything our minds can perceive. It is in us, and we are better and more beautiful than we think we are. And others are better and more beautiful than we think they are. Imagine walking around every day thinking that of others – knowing that, no matter what we see or hear on the outside, that shining goodness still lives within them.

This may be the path to true happiness.

Thank you Al, and you, my dear Debbie, for reminding me to look for the beauty, for the music that is in every soul.  Wherever you are, Al, I know it’s mornin’ and that you have touched the face of God.

Thank you, Niki, for the video.


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