Just a Little Bit Out of the Ordinary

I don’t mind the mysterious. I don’t mind the inexplicable. I’m used to it. Something inexplicable happens almost every day. If you have the eyes to see it, that is.

My daughter Michaela is visiting me in Sedona. I’ve been here not quite a month, so I’m not really settled in yet. My spare room (also my office) is not put together. And there are boxes I’ve still not unpacked.  Michaela came out to do some writing, to get away from the energy of New York, seek a retreat, and perhaps experience a new energy.  Every morning, we’d start our day with meditation, and every evening we’d quit our work, get out of the house, hike a trail, and emerge our souls into the sacred beauty of the red rocks. Every evening, we’d look for a beautiful place to see the sunset. That’s not hard to do here.

Tonight was exceptional. Tonight we didn’t hike. We took a scenic drive. And when I say a scenic drive, I mean a scenic drive. Scenic is such an inadequate word. We took a drive into one of God’s masterpieces. We watched the sun do marvelous things to the sky, and to the rocks, and came back filled to the brim with gratitude and awe. As it began to get dark, and we got closer to home, we noticed a big, gorgeous pink cloud, an aftermath of the sunset. Of course, you can’t capture the real colors with a phone camera. But this is a bit what it looked like. Picture the cloud really pink.


Michaela, who had been taking photographs all along the ride, took the one above and another right behind it. Just a note: we were in my car with the top down, so it wasn’t taken through a window. When we got home, she started reviewing the photographs of our drive and the sunset. “Mommy,” she said, “Look at this! What is that?”


Same cloud, but something interesting showed up. You can see it right in the middle of the photograph, something that seems to reach from the sky into the ground, or from the ground into the sky. Is it a totem? Is it some kind of energy? We are in the middle of energy vortexes here, but I’ve never actually seen evidence of it except in gnarling, twisted tree trunks. I’ve felt it, but never seen it. Whatever this is, it is lovely, and I am pleased to share it with you, dear readers.

I’ve come to accept all of God’s gifts, whatever they may be, and I’ve tried to recognize these gifts, large and small, whenever they come into my consciousness.  I do have to ask you, my dear friends, if any of you have a technical explanation for this image, please don’t tell me. Some parts of life should be whimsical, spiritual, inexplicable, mysterious and mystical. There is enough hard reality around, these days, don’t you think? Remember, this, too, is reality. It’s just a little bit out of the ordinary.


Read The Messenger: The Improbable Story of a Grieving Mother and a Spirit Guide by Helen Delaney. Find it at www.Amazon.com or www.themessenger.space.

The Messenger IMG_0416

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