A Merry Christmas

The days before Christmas were a marathon of cooking. I learned how to make eggnog without refined sugar and tried out a new recipe for cream of celery soup. Macaroni and cheese and sweet potato pie are traditions for us on Christmas. I made all of our favorites and everything turned out just right. I also made a conscious decision to relax my no-sugar-no-flour regimen for one glorious day (which turned into two because of leftovers) and I am feeling dim but not in danger. We also took a two-mile walk along the river this morning – as if that could undo the gluten and glucose intake. I, however, do not feel a smidgen of guilt. One day a year, and we blow it. YEA.

My daughter and granddaughter drove five hours from New York to come to me, and my daughter who lives in Washington, D.C. did the same – a two hour trip. We talked on our smart phones face to face with my daughter and granddaughter who live in Los Angeles. My daughters make such an effort to be with me at Christmas. I am so blessed.

Today (Saturday) was a day of concentrated un-work, and now that it is nighttime and my Washington kid has gone home, my New York kids are in the next room looking at television, all snuggled up in bed. Because my time with them is so precious, I’m going to give myself a break and go join them. So goodnight, dear friends. I hope your Christmas was as lovely, as warm, and as full of love as mine was. Love is, after all, what Christmas is all about.

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